Hi Loves!

My name is Laci Leigh Stilwell (born triple L, previously Langston).  I was born in Longview, TX but grew up as a city girl in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a passion for writing and all things fashion + beauty. I’m the beauty writer for So Scottsdale magazine.

I’m a natural redhead with a firecracker attitude. Some say I have an overwhelming personality–I say you’re just boring. You’ll notice I’m a straight shooter, say it how it is kind of girl. #nofilter definitely. Sarcasm is my jam so don’t take offense.

I’m overly enthusiastic about everything, love life and enjoy making people laugh. I’m very family oriented, love my parents, sweet mini-rex rabbit, Pepper, and my stud of a husband Kevin.

I enjoy the little things in life as cliche as that sounds. As Coco Chanel says, “You live but once, you might as well be amusing.”– This is the way I live my life. Be unique, be you and live your best life. 

Welcome to my crazy, random and enthusiastic life!