Emme Diane – My Skin Whisperer!


You know that girl who has PERFECT skin and can wear absolutely no foundation or just tinted moisturizer and looks flawless? Yeah that was NEVER me….until now! I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin.

If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that Emme Diane is a skin goddess…the skin whisperer. You guys, I’m really not kidding. If you haven’t checked out her site (EmmeDiane.com) or Instagram page (@EmmeDiane) and looked at the real life results, you need to!

At first, I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant because for so long I’d been dealing with skin problems and NOTHING had been able to help me except for Proactiv (I know). The truth is, I never actually struggled with acne back when I started using Proactiv years ago (about 10 to be exact), but I hated the few pimples that I was getting so of course, I started using it because I wanted clear skin! Is that too much to ask?

Fast forward to years later (1.5 years ago), I wanted to quit using Proactiv. The minute I stopped using it, it sent my skin into a crazy shock and I broke out horribly- I’m talking, cystic acne everywhere. I went to see a dermatologist to get help and even ventured to multiple estheticians for help! I tried numerous skin care lines that swore up and down they could fix my problem but nothing helped.

Before (left) and After (right)

I was so embarrassed by my skin. I honestly didn’t want to be in public. I had a constant rash on the side of my face and it would never go away. The more stressed I’d get, the more breakouts would occur. It was a never-ending cycle. I found myself packing on makeup in order to “hide” my blemishes. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. I was starting to give up. So, I started using Proactiv again. Until…..Emme Diane reached out to me 4 months ago.

As soon as I sat down with Emme, I knew I was in a safe space and that she truly knew what she was talking about and could honestly help me. And, I knew that she too honestly wanted to help me and others–she’s seriously the sweetest! We had a consultation first and talked about my skin, my knowledge of skin care and the struggles I had been going through with my skin. She explained her love for skin care and how she got to where she is today. Emme is a licensed esthetician with over 15 years of experience in both medical and spa esthetics and her mission is “to solve the seemingly un-solvable skin issues, from acne to aging and everything in between”.

What I love most about Emme Diane is her passion for helping others and the knowledge and skill-set she has. She created her own exclusive skin care line so she, along with her clients could truly trust what ingredients were being used and knew that what they were using was safe for their skin. Not only does she have her own skin care products, but she also has customizable homecare and skincare guides/programs for each client– no skin is created equal!

During my consultation, we went over “The Acne Bible”– yes, it is amazing and yes, it is called that. We went over page by page and walked through each step that I should be taking from here on out.

Ex: What causes acne, acne lifestyle, pore clogging ingredients (a whole list), acne safe makeup, foods & supplements that trigger acne (almost everything I love), what to eliminate and what to substitute, beneficial supplements for your skin, etc.

I was honestly blown away about how much Emme knew and…all the things I had been doing wrong. Did you know that acne is a genetically defective pore? Because I didn’t. There are so many things that play a part in your skin.

After the consultation, I had a Uniquely You Facial done and, it felt amazing. It’s a custom facial that Emme does on you depending upon what your skin may be needing at that time. Each visit will be different! My favorite part about the facial is the LED-light therapy which is described as:  “gentle pulses of light & heat energy from the Radiancy LHE and a collagen stimulating infusion with our ReZenerate Wand. Affectionately referred to as the “PhotoShop Facial”, this unique skin treatment transforms your skin instantly with no pain and no downtime!”

To see more treatments offered, click HERE

Few tips:

-never skip washing your face (after the gym, make sure you wash your face right away, carry these fragrance free wipes in your gym bag)

-use those same fragrance free wipes as a disposable wash cloth when you take off your makeup

-roll an ice roller or ice cube on the inflamed breakout every morning and every night (also use to de-puff your skin)

-use sun screen every day, especially on your face. My favorite: Mineral Tinted

-use fragrance free laundry detergent & avoid fabric softeners

-wash your pillowcase 2x a week

-drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day


Moving on….can we talk about how cute her space is? You know I love me some neutral. Classic white and grey palette…yes!

It’s located in the Beauty District at Desert Ridge Marketplace. Perfect location as it’s only 10 min away from my house #winning


My morning and night time routine

*as instructed by Emme Diane



  1. Cleanse:  Gentle Cleanser
  2. Ice Roller (gently roll on your face to de-puff and reduce swelling of any breakouts)- you can use an icecube too!
  3. Toner: Calm Down Toner
  4. Clarifying Serum
  5. Moisturize: Skin Quencher + Hydraluxe cream
  6. Eyes: Bright Eyed Serum + Hydra-Revive Cream
  7. Sunscreen: Mineral Tinted


  1. Cleanse:  Gentle Cleanser
  2. Ice
  3. Toner: Calm Down Toner
  4. Skin Quencher Gel
  5. Acne Eraser
  6. Sulfur Refining Mask  *I use this once a week (usually on Sundays)

Best foundation recommended by Emme: Illuminare Concealing Mineral Foundation *(I wear shade: Fair)

I’ve only been using Emme Diane products (all the ones above) since end of May and I can honestly tell you that my skin has never been better. No breakouts, clear skin, even skin tone, all I’ve ever wanted! I wear less makeup now and feel so comfortable in the skin I’m in. FYI- I do still get a few pimples from time to time when it’s that time of the month (ladies, you know) BUT it doesn’t compare to what I dealt with in the past. I’m pretty much blemish free and it feels incredible.

I love each and every product and the way it makes my skin feel. I actually look forward to washing my face. Is that weird? Don’t care! But seriously…I really do enjoy it and that’s all due to Emme Diane! It’s hard to say which product is my absolute favorite because I truly love them all. However, if I had to pick one, I’d say the sulfur refining mask. It’s specifically formulated for acne prone skin and works to draw out impurities and clear the skin, preparing for regeneration of fresh and flawless skin. I use it once a week and apply it to any blemishes I have or feel coming on– it’s absolute magic! Another one of my favs is the tinted mineral sunscreen because it feels incredible on the skin and also doubles as a makeup primer–your foundation goes on super smooth and gives a subtle glow.

For as long as I live and Emme Diane keeps doin her thang’ I will continue to see her and use her skincare products. I am 100% an #EmmeBabe now and can’t thank her enough for giving me all the tools and tips I need for flawless skin.

If you’re struggling with your skin or even just want to see someone for knowledge to assess your skin, Emme Diane is your girl. It’s been a game changer for me and she’s changed my skin for good. For me, skincare and health is everything and I’m so happy that I’m FINALLY on the right track.

P.S. If you’re not local, she offers skin coaching programs to her long distance clients. Also, be sure to check out her Instagram and blog for even more tips on skincare!

If you do want to try out her products, she has custom skin care kits for all kinds of skin: Skin Sets  – Do reach out to her prior to purchasing, send her a picture of your skin and she can determine what set you’re really needing! I use the acne skin set 🙂

I will keep updating you guys on my skin and as always, give you more tips that I learn via Emme! Be sure to watch my insta-stories as that’s where I share a lot of the tips + tricks!

makeup free and loving the skin I’m in! 

(p.s. excuse my puffy eye, allergies!)


Located at:

Emme Diane / 480.584.8470

Desert Ridge (Inside the Beauty District Salon Suites)
21001 N Tatum Blvd Studio 109
Phoenix, AZ 85050



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