Santa Barbara Bachelorette Weekend #DontTellStilwell

For my bachelorette party, I was a lucky lady and got to celebrate with all my friends in Santa Barbara, CA. I love wine and wine loves me (sometimes) so we decided to head west to wine country!

I’ve been to Napa Valley and was SO excited to venture out to SB. Needless to say, it was EVERYTHING. It’s absolutely gorgeous there. Such a quaint, beautiful and peaceful town. Ladies, if you love wine, you must go! I highly recommend SB for a bachelorette weekend or even just a girls getaway, romantic getaway– you name it. Perfect for all occasions.

And if you do go there, book a house on airbnb or homeaway– you won’t regret it. The house we stayed at was in the perfect location and was breathtakingly beautiful. It added an extra pizzazz to the trip if you ask me.

Invites that were sent to each of the girls- so cute right? Jamie, ya did good! 

I drove up to Santa Barbara with Christina and Mikayla and…we had a blast! #trumphetsong

House we stayed at– IN LOVE! The views were absolutely gorgeous….it was perfect!


Jamie decorated the house with all sorts of bridal decor– loved each and every piece!


*also, ironic that the commercial that was playing during the picture was for an engagement ring!


Day 1


Each day I was given a special gift from both my maid & matron of honor (jamie & holly). Cutest and sweetest idea ever.

Dinner at The Lucky Penny where I was surprised by my friend Libby! Best surprise ever..I was in complete shock and shouted “What the hell are you doing here!!?” and then ended with tears. So so so sweet!

FullSizeRender (19)

IMG_4550 IMG_4551


Day 2


Lunch @ Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach


The yummiest pomegranate mimosa..mmm!


Day at the beach on my donut towel that I’m OBSESSED with (thanks jamie & holly). Also, this random adorable dog just decided to walk over and hop on my lap..and didn’t want to leave. #animalwhisperer


Before going out, we all played a round of ‘cards against humanity’!




That night we had dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant called Los Agaves — if you know me, then you know my love for mexican food. If you go there, make sure to try their guava margaritas…so delicious!


When I arrived, the #girlsofaxa had the whole table decorated with all sorts of beautiful decor. They had several different pictures of Kevin and I from different stages in our relationship assembled on the table with trivia questions on the back of each one. They got Kevin involved and asked him different questions in which I had to answer each one and guess his response– it was SO much fun! For every question I got wrong, I had to drink.


Bride Barbie & Groom Ken were a huge hit. We brought them out with us to each bar and surprisingly, they made it back home with us (only missing their shoes).

We went out to a few different bars/clubs (Blush) on State Street and fortunate for us, found someone to buy us a table and alcohol/ Don’t mind if we do! It was Fiesta Week during our stay in Santa Barbara which made it even more of a party. The confetti filled eggs were a MAJOR hit! #confettiforall


Confetti for the win! P.S those were the BEST shots I’ve ever had. 


Day 3

Jamie planned the most incredible day (and weekend) EVER. A winery tour! If you go to Santa Barbara, it’s an absolute MUST. And, use the company Santa Barbara Classic Wine Tours — also, ask for Tracy, she’s the BEST!

And um, can we talk about how cute my custom flower crown is? Jamie DIY’ed it herself. LOVE!

IMG_4473 (2)
















Everyone was given these adorable pouches with the phrase “you’re pretty” written across them & inside were the “bride tribe” tattoos for them to wear. My makeup pouch had “you’re like, really pretty” written across- LOVED these!

Bride Tribe and Bride gold tattoos


Lunch at Fess Parker


Private wine tasting @ McKinney Family Vineyards


Stopped at an Olive Mill and tried samples and then…I found the horses!



After the full day of winery tours, we came back and had a home cooked meal followed by a little lingerie/gift opening fun!

Day 4

Had brunch with Nikki at Lilac Patisserie — the cutest bakery ever and so yummy!

I stayed an extra day with my #girlsofaxa and continued the fun!



Honestly, it was the best bachelorette party I could have dreamed of. I had the time of my life with the best of friends. Thanks for making the weekend one that I will never forget.

Less than 2 months away until I become Mrs. Stilwell……….I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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